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Allison Kave

Nov 01 2018

Allison Kave


Allison Kave, along with her business partner, came up with a novel concept — they own a bakery and bar all in one called Butter & Scotch.  It’s designed by women with women in mind.


Their goal: to create a safe place where women would feel comfortable stopping in after work, to sip a few cocktails and eat birthday cake. Feminist and inclusive, they also wanted to run a business that had social impact (one dollar of of every drink you purchase goes to Planned Parenthood). Clearly they didn’t just create another restaurant bar, they created a community.


Raising the funds to take on such a project was a whole other matter. Allison has a lot to teach entrepreneurs and women in particular about obtaining friends and family rounds, Kickstarter campaigns and government loans.


I ask her specifics: how she started her business (literally baking for weekend markets), how hard it was, what she learned about raising money, and what she would do differently.  She is open about her experience , self aware and talk about how difficult it was to find life / work balance, measure success and manage teams.


If Allison isn’t accomplished enough, she also has published two cookbooks, Butter and Scotch and First Prize Pies.


You never know how it’s going to go with a guest.  I fell in love with Allison the moment she walked into the studio.  If you also watch this segment on Facebook Watch you’ll see how likable she is AND you’ll get a good look at the cover of her cookbook. PS. I’ve tried their iconic cake.  That’s a lie.  I ate half the slice at Butter & Scotch and the other half I planned to take home but I happily finished that baby on the subway platform. #noregrets.


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