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Nell Daly is a highly trained, pioneering, holistic psychotherapist, journalist, TV commentator and mother of three children.

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Jess Lively

Oct 11 2018

Jess Lively


Jess is honest and raw and the conversation took me to a place I didn’t expect.  I find Jess brave to talk about her spiritual beliefs so openly.  You’re going to hear some of my experiences as well that may, for some, be a bit woo woo.  We speak quickly and you’ll hear two women trying to articulate some very complex topics.


For more information on my journey and concepts around consciousness hit some of my earlier episodes, especially those with Dr. Eben Alexander.


Books and concepts mentioned in this episode that are cool to read for a better understanding of what the heck Jess and I are talking about try:
Michael A. Singer – https://untetheredsoul.com/
Abraham Hicks – https://www.abraham-hicks.com/
Eckert Toile – https://www.eckharttolle.com/
Katie Byron  – http://thework.com/en
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