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Larry Broughton

Nov 05 2018

Larry Broughton


This episode is for anyone who wants some seriously time tested life advice that won’t overwhelm you.


Larry Broughton — Founder, CEO, hotelier, international speaker, best selling author and former Green Beret — sat down with me in NYC to talk about his successes, his failures and the best advice he gives to entrepreneurs and world renowned leaders.


He told me the five key strategies he teaches people who really want to live remarkable lives and run businesses that are both successful and meaningful.


Usually I’m like, ok, here are some more tips, some more canned “secrets to success.” Let me make this clear, there is nothing about Larry’s advice (or his book aptly entitled VICTORY) that smacks of canned motivational quotes or shallow advice.


A seasoned veteran and one of the most distinguished business leaders I’ve met in long time, Larry has clearly thought long and hard about how to motivate people (he’s coached entrepreneurs for decades) because he’s actually walked the walk.


We purposefully kept this segment short, sweet and easy to digest. We aren’t into overwhelming people with too much too soon. For more in depth coaching I highly encourage you to buy VICTORY. It’s the book I wish I had had when I was starting out 7 years as an entrepreneur.





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