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Nell Daly is a highly trained, pioneering, holistic psychotherapist, journalist, TV commentator and mother of three children.

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Tedx Talks

Tedx Talks

Nell Kathleen Gibbon has spent over ten years in private practice treating symptoms of depression and anxiety and researching human motivation. Through the close study of personal narratives, in thousands of conversations with patients, Nell discovered that individuals who took the time to go beyond just alleviating the symptoms that brought them to therapy, and became intimate with their minds, were the ones who thrived. They thrived on becoming mentally comfortable with the daily ‘uncomfortableness’ of life. And as a result, led happy, authentic and highly productive lives, personally and professionally.


Nell explains some of the ways we can train our brains to embrace discomfort. She applies principles from several academic fields and gives funny and moving examples from her own life as she struggled to do just what she was asking of her patients. She also discusses the individual and social ramifications that finding this psychic sweet spot can have for the world at large.


Nell Kathleen Gibbon is a practicing psychotherapist, journalist, and keynote speaker. She has appeared on television shows such as PBS Nightly News, The Tyra Banks Show, and Entertainment Tonight. She is a regular contributor to The Huffington Post and her expert advice has been featured in magazines such as Self, Parents, Time Out New York, and Glamour.


Nell holds a Master’s Degree in Clinical Social Work from New York University, a Master’s Degree in Fine Arts from Columbia University, and a Bachelor’s Degree from Trinity College in Hartford, Connecticut. She has post-graduate training in reproductive psychiatry and maternal mental health through Weill Cornell’s Post-Graduate Medical School and the Postpartum Stress Center in Pennsylvania. Nell maintains a private practice in New York City, and in Fairfield County’s Westport, Connecticut.


January 23, 2018