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Radha Agrawal

Nov 19 2018

Radha Agrawal


Radha Agrawal, no joke, is one of THE MOST fascinating women I’ve ever sat down with — ever.  She’s a disruptor and inventor by nature and what I call a pacesetter. She’s also a vocal feminist and savvy savvy businesswoman.


Radha is probably most famously known for being the other half of Thinx underwear — she founded the company with her sister back in 2013. A cutting edge concept, they invented absorbent underwear so women don’t have to wear pads or tampons when they have their period (and Thinx was all happening while she was still running a separate successful startup in media wellness called Super Sprowtz.  You would birthing two businesses from scratch would be enough….think again.


Longing for community and a place to let go, a few years ago Radha held a sober predawn dance party at her apartment. Daybreaker, her third child was born. Seven years later it’s an events company with almost half a million followers and dozens of chapters worldwide.


And yet again, she’s not stopping there. This year she is launching LiveITUp Life School which I’m positive will disrupt the educational technology space…and it’s coming to your smart phone soon.


Radha let me pick her brain and ask questions about her recently published book Belong, where she teaches anyone how to build a community of like minded individuals. Her advice on female funding dollars is priceless as is her POV on conscious entrepreneurship.


She creates her own lingo: names for things like Fuck Yeah Friends (FYF’s) and PORTALS (you’ll have to listen to find out). She doles out practical tips like “never gossip” and perform community rituals.  She goes on to explain there are four stages to community building. Belong is a recipe book for anyone looking to bake a social movement or find a tribe.


Not even 40, hold on world — Radha has only begun.


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