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Nell Daly is a highly trained, pioneering, holistic psychotherapist, journalist, TV commentator and mother of three children.

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Ray Bouderau

Nov 12 2018

Ray Bouderau


A humans of New York inspirational story, Ray — born and raised in Queens — has something profound to teach all of us: if you fail it shouldn’t be for lack of trying. Self made and tenacious as hell, listen and learn how Ray overcomes fear and self doubt in order to live out his dreams.


From a restaurant and bar owner to construction and New York City real estate, Ray — by sheer grit — is now the Founder of Living the Dreams Films.


With 7 feature length films in the last 2 years alone, Ray’s wholehearted passion for the entertainment industry has seen him work alongside the great talents of Amanda Seyfried, Alec Baldwin, Johnny Depp, Adam Levine, Taylor Schilling and many others. His films have been met with critical acclaim and wide audiences spanning several genres.


I wanted to interview “regular extraordinary people” for the show.  People who have a story we can all relate to and a point of view that’s both moving and meant to teach you something about life.  Yes, this is life.


Radical transparency here — Ray slid into my DM’s and asked to meet for coffee.  I rarely say yes to these things but we agreed it might be professionally beneficial — something about his profile intrigued me and I had a feeling we knew people in common.


We met at the ACE hotel at 3 in the afternoon.  He had a queens accent and a personal life story that took my breath away — which you’ll hear and see on the show (if you’re watching this on Facebook Watch you’ll witness how Ray and I both get emotional when he talks about sobriety, his daughter and what it was like to lose his former wife to cancer).


I believe people are made up of energy and Ray had a seriously positive charge but not in a fake way.  I wanted to know how he handled personal setbacks and why he decided, after starting and running a massively successful construction company, to make his way into the film world.  His company Living the Dreams Film has now been involved in producing I believe ten movies in just a few years.
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