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Nell Daly is a highly trained, pioneering, holistic psychotherapist, journalist, TV commentator and mother of three children.

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Shelley Zalis

Dec 03 2018

Shelley Zalis


There are some women who tell you they’re all about supporting women but you get the vibe that at the end of the day, it’s just talk. And then there are some women who walk into your life and mean exactly what they say — that’s Shelley. From hello I got the genuine feeling Shelley is a true champion of women, and men too, by the way.


Shelley calls herself “a chief troublemaker” and this isn’t her first rodeo. She started a research company back in the day, when surveys were just making their way online. She became one of the first female chief executive officers ranked in the research industry’s top 25. After selling –and then integrating her company to a French firm — Shelley branched out again on her next adventure.


She founded The Female Quotient. One of her first initiatives — to create what I would call “a safe space” for women to hang out and network at what are traditionally male dominated events; think Davos and The Consumer Electronics Show. Shelley named it The Girls’ Lounge. She believes in the power of the pack.


Zalis has interviewed the likes of Katie Couric, Halle Berry, Gwyneth Paltrow, Sheryl Sandberg, Arianna Huffington and more on topics related to equality and leadership. She’s also the author of a Forbes column called The Messy Middle.


She’s also the co-founder of #seeher, a movement led be the Association of National Advertisers to increase the percentage of accurate portrays of women and girls in advertising and media and she is on the board of directors for MAKERS.

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